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Death and the Single Girl

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2/19/15 03:08 pm - Friends Only

Oh hey, this journal is "Friends Only".
I'll add you if I don't think you'll use it against me.

10/30/08 11:56 am - A friendly reminder to FUCKING VOTE

Hi guys.
So, November 4th is four days away.

I'm going to work on the assumption that all of you are registered to vote. If you aren't, you are probably going to stop reading this message right about now...

You've heard it a million times by now, but this election is crucial. For the first time ever we will either have a black president, or a female vice president.

And yeah, I'm voting for Obama. I'm proud to vote for Obama. But I live in Massachusetts right now. I'm not very worried. I took a look at my ballot today. Pretty much all of my elected officials are Democrats without opposition. Shocking, right?

But a lot of you aren't living in states that are so easy to predict. Maine and New Hampshire, I'm looking at you. And Pennsylvania.

And by the way Maine residents, were you aware that you can vote early? Yup, up until November 3rd. And if you aren't registered yet, YOU CAN STILL REGISTER IN PERSON. And you can vote absentee WITHOUT AN EXCUSE. Seriously Maine.

I know that there are some of you thinking "Eh, my vote doesn't count." Bull. Shit. And if you are a woman and not voting in this election, please let me remind you of something called the Nineteenth Amendment. Some of our grandmothers did not have the right to vote.

And if you don't care about who wins the presidency (you should...) at least consider voting for local issues and officials.

And, when you do go to the polls, remember to bring two forms of ID, and a piece of mail to prove residency. This might not be required, but it is always a good idea.

And if you know someone who is planning not to vote, please encourage them to do so.

9/14/08 09:54 pm - Music: What's good?

Hi guys.
I was wondering.
What music is good these days?
Please tell me what I should be listening to. I haven't had much time/money lately to devote to music searching.

7/25/08 10:53 am - The truth WAS out there...

So, as a few of you may know, I am a HUGE X-Files fan. I have Mulder and Scully Barbies. Legit, made by Mattel Barbies. In the original box, never opened. Yep.

So of course I was a little excited about the new X-Files film. We'll say "conservatively" excited. Because it has been six years since the X-Files went off the air, and while I am crazy obsessed, I haven't really been feeling a void.

Apparently Chris Carter has. And of course many, many other fans have been too. I know because I went to a midnight showing last night, and it was packed. OK, that was only because AMC had chosen to show the film on one screen in its tiniest theater.

Look, I'm not going to offer any spoilers. It wouldn't even matter. Nothing fucking happens in the movie.

OK... actually shit happens... it just isn't interesting. It's like a really long, boring season 8 episode, but with Mulder instead of Terminator Guy.

Gillian looks gorgeous... David looks like he's melting. and SPOILER ALERT!!!! Mitch Pillegi. (Skinner) looks about the same.

So... why did they bother? With this script I mean. Why didn't they wait and do something NOT BORING? This was, seriously, a Lifetime movie. Without Meredith Baxter.

There were cute, self-referential moments... but eh. I would have been willing to wait another few years for a GOOD movie. On TV, even.

Go see it if you are a fan, I guess. But otherwise it isn't even a half rate movie of the week. Such a shame.
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7/22/08 05:11 pm - Thank you for being a friend

Estelle Getty died today.
I've been a lifelong fan of the Golden Girls, so I'm sort of bummed.
She was the daughter of Polish immigrants.

I will have a mimosa to honor her memory. The rest of you can have cheesecake!

6/17/08 01:23 pm - Remember that time I met Dan Rather? also: Sigur-Ros!

I've been thinking a lot about news talking heads these past few days, most likely due to the untimely passing of Tim Russert.
Back in 2005, I met Dan Rather. Easily one of the more bizarre experiences of my life... and if I had easy access to the picture I'd post it. Anyway, I came across this link on Jezebel today, and it gave me the giggles.

Also, I'm dead tired today because Dan and I drove down to NYC last night because he scored last minute tickets to Sigur-Ros at the Hammerstein. Yep, there was a marching band, and yeah, it was awesome.

They opened with my favorite song, and it was all up hill.

I need a shower.
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6/16/08 01:01 pm - California Knows How To Party

This article warmed my heart today.

Yay California!

6/13/08 02:00 pm - Awwww

I'm glad I moved to MA, and I'm glad that this man is my governor.

5/10/08 11:46 am - I need to record

Hi guys.
I need to make recordings of my music that don't suck.
I also have no money.
Who can help me?
Also, any horn players out there? Anything players?

I just want to get off my ass and DO THE THING I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO.

4/22/08 06:32 pm - While you were enjoying the sunshine...

New post

Hey guys. New pop*creep.
Read. Leave comments.

Rock and/or Roll.
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